Why Is Selling Similar to Poker Playing?

When showing an offer, be mindful about your buyer’s body gestures as carefully as professional poker gamers do. What more could you learn about your prospect and the likelihood that they will buy your goods or services?


Position: Do they tilt away from you or toward you? In general, it is desirable to lean closer. That is, of course, unless your client has hearing impairments. They may be stooping to look at your lips. It’s possible that they are disinterested in what you are saying or are leaning away.

Hands: It could be defensive if their hands are on their laps. Could they be trying to cover up negative or anxious feelings?

Arm Obstructing: Do they have their arms crossed over their bodies? This can indicate that the client is not accepting messages at this time. Unless, of course, they are a woman, in which case they’re probably chilly.

Eyes: You’ve probably heard that the eyes serve as a mirror for the soul. That might be the case, though, if your client has a history of lying or if they take medication that dilates their pupils’ pupils’ pupils. There are some folks who can give you a direct, intense stare while you’re lying.

Keep in mind: Nodding is a positive indicator. Unless, of course, the opportunity is just a kind individual who wants to support you in continuing to improve your profits capabilities. They aren’t very interested in your message yet, but they don’t want to offend you.

Mental Distortion generally guarantees that they feel comfortable around you, unless, of course, you notice a downturned mouth. They tend to be more perplexed or let down.

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Voice: Should your potential customer be a woman, her voice may rise or fall by an octave while her pace slows down. She might be enthusiastic about your presentation as well. Or it could indicate that she’s losing her resolve and is irritated. Examine the whole body in addition to the voice to be sure.

Ft: Foot speaks a lot. Examine ft closely to see if they are ready to make a purchase or go. Put your pen down and reach across to pick it up. Check to see if their feet are toward you or the door. They are focused on you if they are facing you. If you’re facing the exit, it’s advisable to complete your journey or go back. The chance urges you to go as soon as possible.

Body language can be hard to read. It necessitates research and physical activity. Once perfected, you’ll be adept at reading your own body language and accurately deciphering your customers’ nonverbal cues to increase sales.